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A Democrat committed to real progress

I grew up in a close-knit, conservative family, but became a Democrat to cast my first Presidential ballot.  Witnessing my closest high school friend struggle in our community when he first came out; watching the constant threats to my own basic reproductive freedoms; the lack of basic humanity extended towards the homeless men I worked with at church -- I realized that political engagement to help bend our nation towards justice is, for me, the only choice. 

Before becoming a prosecutor in Augusta, I worked on environmental policy focusing on land use and climate change, and was honored with a national award from the Environmental Law Center.  I served 4 terms as a Brunswick Town Councilor, as Vice-Chair of the local Democratic Town Committee, and, helped found Brunswick Area Indivisible, to stand up against the anti-immigration, anti-choice, anti-science forces which arose during the 2016 election.   I brought together hundreds of Maine attorneys to urge our Senators to reject justices whose radicalism politicizes and demeans our Supreme Court. 

The rise of misinformation and hate stands in stark contrast to the promise and hope of new Mainers and the steadfast and informed activism of today's youth, including my own children.  We owe them a future greater than the confines of our outdated systems of inequality, inequity, and injustice.  That is the future I'm committed to help build, one step at a time. 

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