Photo is of Jackie Sartoris: a white woman with brown hair


Jacqueline Sartoris


District Attorney 2022
Common Sense Criminal Justice Reform


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As a prosecutor, I know that we have by far the greatest power in our criminal legal system.
As DA, I will be a leader who delivers real public safety through a fairer, more accountable, more effective 
criminal legal system that strengthens our communities. That's what our communities requested in 2018, and that is what I will finally deliver as DA.

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April 10, 2022

Updated candidate forums!

May 10th 7PM hosted by Portland Restorative Justice Institute

May 18th 6-7:30PM hosted by Maine Youth Justice.

COMING SOON: Cumberland County Bar Association

March 8, 2022

International Women's Day

Today, International Women's Day in 2022 comes with a warning -- we are measurably losing ground.  It is time to push wherever we can.  

As I was reminded today, if each of us moves as we can in our sphere of influence towards justice, freedom, and equality, we will be a formidable movement.  For my part, I have pledged never to enforce limitations on a person's access to reproductive healthcare, even if our laws change.  Crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault are vastly underreported and under-prosecuted, and access to reproductive freedoms is essential in limiting the impacts on victims. 

We elect District Attorneys not simply to implement laws, but to make policy which reflects the values of their districts.  Together, let's move towards justice.


November 16, 2021

Sartoris announces candidacy -- first chance to elect Democratic DA in 30 years

Jackie Sartoris, Assistant District Attorney in Kennebec County, resident of Brunswick, is running to deliver criminal justice reform in her home county, Cumberland. 

After an unusual election in 2018, voters were denied the Democratic candidate they overwhelmingly chose.  The result installed the current DA, at that time an Unenrolled candidate, with 26% of the vote.  A recent party switch by the current DA means the primary is June 14th to select Cumberland County's first Democrat in over 30 years. See early coverage of the election in the Maine Beacon here.