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Photo is of Jackie Sartoris: a white woman with brown hair


Jacqueline Sartoris


District Attorney 2022
Common Sense Criminal Justice Reform



Our heartfelt thanks to voters, helpers, supporters, poll workers, and all those who participated in the primary election yesterday! 
Campaign statement below. 

For media inquiries please email the campaign at

As a prosecutor, I know that we have by far the greatest power in our criminal legal system.
As DA, I will be a leader who delivers real public safety through a fairer, more accountable, more effective 
criminal legal system that strengthens our communities. That's what our communities requested in 2018, and that is what I will finally deliver as DA.


Election Night Statement: THANK YOU!

June 14, 2022

Jackie Sartoris Statement on Winning Cumberland County 

District Attorney Democratic Primary

I am watching the votes coming in, encouraged and aware that every vote matters, and overwhelmingly grateful. A few minutes ago, District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck reached out with his congratulations. 


I want to say thank you to my incredible family, rooting for me and helping out in every way they could.  Especially I am so proud that my kids and husband spent this entire day at the polls greeting voters with such enthusiasm. I especially want to thank my campaign manager,  Sarah Skillin Woodard for her steadfast and sure direction and for believing in this campaign, and for the early encouragement and efforts of Marie Follayttar Smith. 


Thank you also to the amazing volunteers who showed up by the dozens, notably including Harpswell Indivisible, March Forth, and so many people who stepped up to help out after hearing about this campaign, including all of the many Maine leaders who endorsed this campaign and our Treasurer, Malory Shaughnessy. Thanks to their efforts, we were experiencing an increase in attention, fundraising, and new requests to join our team, right before the involvement of the progressive PAC. We didn’t see that coming. 


I want to thank Jonathan Sahrbeck. As a fellow prosecutor, I recognize and respect his service to Cumberland County and to our profession, and I know that we will work productively together in the future. 


Finally, thank you to the voters of Cumberland County. If the voters elect me in November, I am prepared for the hard work ahead, and look forward to securing the common sense and pragmatic policies that reflect the values of our County and deliver the criminal justice reforms we promised in this campaign. 



Sarah Skillin Woodard

Sartoris for DA Campaign Manager





Watch the candidate forum!

May 10th 7PM hosted by Portland Restorative Justice Institute

June 10, 2022

Why I'm asking for your vote; latest reporting


Thank you for your interest in this race! 

Here’s the latest reporting, covering why a progressive PAC became involved, and the issues at hand. It’s a fair and thorough presentation of this race - and the only reporting I’ve seen that actually interviews the PAC organizers. I hope you find it informative.

As you know, my campaign gets no say about this PAC or their choice to get into this race. I said from the first surprise PAC ad that I disapprove of the negative tone and do not condone these political ads. Yesterday's PAC mailer frankly made me cringe. We whisked it out of sight so our junior high kid would not see it, because name-calling is always harmful. 


This is the bottom line: in 4 days we will make a choice about who is the District Attorney for the next 4 years. The PAC, thankfully, will no longer be part of our experience, but the person we select as DA will shape public policy for years to come, and the lives of our community will be deeply impacted. 

Why vote for me? If elected, I will finally institute national best practices to fully prosecute cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, and hate crimes. I will collect and develop clear policy around racial charging data, to address the role of unconscious bias. I will ensure that our public policy discussions with the Legislature are informed by real information, not anecdotes so that we can enumerate the way that additional resources for addiction and mental health treatment would keep the public safer while addressing the root causes of criminal conduct. I will always seek to leverage criminal charges into better outcomes. 

And crucially, in these days of anticipating the Supreme Court’s ruling re: Roe, I will be a champion standing up for reproductive rights no matter how Maine laws change or whether out-of-state prosecutors attempt to extradite Maine people for helping their friends or family access reproductive care. These are not idle concerns. Prosecutors will be deeply involved in a post-Roe future. Even before the leak, I joined with other prosecutors in declaring that I will never press criminal charges against those exercising reproductive choice because we know that such action will prevent victims of domestic violence or sexual assault from seeking help from the justice system. My values around this issue are clear and steady, and I will never waver in protecting these basic rights. We will need leadership on these critical issues. 

In the last few days, I’ve found myself referring to the serenity prayer, a tenet of the addiction programs in the treatment courts in which I serve, and part of my practice of finding perspective. “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” 

There are definitely some things that I cannot change in this race, but I absolutely have the courage to run for meaningful, measurable, modern reform. To win, I need your help! Please contact us at to get involved. 


Our momentum for this race is clearly growing, and this campaign has already made a difference in the positions being taken for reform in our county.


Thank you for all you do. I look forward to seeing you at the polls on Tuesday!



Jackie Sartoris 

P.S. Remember that teenagers turning 18 by November 8 can register and VOTE in this primary on June 14! To find your polling place visit this website.

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